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powerTower pop up home charging station

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powerTower pop up home charging station

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Introducing the PowerTower.

The PowerTower bench-top power solution that includes two power sockets and two USB ports for direct charging of phones, tablets, cameras, and other home electronics.

Now taking backorders! Unfortunately, production of our new stock over the Christmas period has been slower than anticipated. 

We are currently out of stock. In-Stock update expected by end of Feb.

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Please note, this product is easily self-installed in a matter of minutes. You will not need to call back a tradesman in order to install this product once they are back in stock. 

Steps required to be ready for self-installation… Have your Electrician provide a GPO (power point) under the bench, have your benchtop installer cut-out a 105mm hole in the desired location. Then simply self-install the powerTower once it arrives (it is one nut which tightens hand-tight under the bench, then plug into the GPO)

Great news! Our standard powerTower has been upgraded and is now Premium Brushed Stainless Steel!

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If required, you can download a spec sheet from our Contact Us page. Cut-out size in the bench top is 105mm.

The powerTower is an in-bench full-service charging station with two USB ports and two standard Australian power outlets.  Designed specifically for in-home use the powerTower is the perfect solution for kitchen island benches or even the home office. When not in use the tower sits flush with your benchtop or desk, blending seamlessly with your living space.  The powerTower allows you to maintain the long clean lines of your splashback eliminating the need to cut in bulky and unsightly power sockets.

The powerTower includes two USB 2.1 ports for direct charging of phones, tablets, cameras, and other home electronics.  Charging directly from USB eliminates the need for bulky chargers and converters!  It also includes two Standard 10A  2400W General Purpose Power Outlets for easy everyday use.

powerTower charging a gadget


The powerTower features

  •  Easy push down storage bay when not in use.
  • Convenient USB charging and Power to any bench-top.
  • Eliminates the need for costly and bulky sockets in your splashback.
  • Overload protection

Child Friendly

Everyone knows that power points and electrical cords are like magnets to children The powerTower sits neatly hidden away until you’re ready to use it, once finished it can be pushed down and safely stored away leaving no outlets exposed when not in use.  With powerTower there is no longer any need to have exposed electrical sockets on the side of your kitchen island, as the powerTower pops out of your benchtop there are no tempting power points or electrical cords within easy reach of little hands.

powerTower recessed in benchtop


Installation is simple and you can either do it yourself or with the assistance of a Tradesman.

If you are installing a powerTower as part of a new renovation to your kitchen, ask your Electrician to allow for a power point under the bench/ inside a cupboard below.

The benchtop company will need to cut a 105mm hole into the bench-top in your desired location. (They will generally do this at the same time as when they cut the holes for your kitchen Taps etc)

You can then either install the powerTower yourself by screwing the locking ring tight under the bench and plugging into the power point or your Electrician can install this for you.

The powerTower can also be installed into a completed kitchen providing you have a socket available under your bench top. It is quite common to already have power points available under your bench for Dishwashers, Microwave Oven etc.

powerTower features a long lead that will connect to any standard power point.  If you do not have a power point under the bench of your intended location an electrician can install one for you.

Power Tower in Action


The powerTower is only available for purchase from directly from this web page.

Delivery time is dependent on your location and will take between 2-5 days. The powerTower is not currently available internationally.


  •  The powerTower is covered by a 12 Month Warranty.
  • In the unlikely event your powerTower fails within the 12 month period, simply send us an email to detailing the fault and we will contact you directly.


Color Silver / Black, Silver / White


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